Forensic Engineering

ILC Investigators have established themselves as one of the premiere large-loss fire investigation firms in the country.  Differing in scope from the single family dwelling or vehicle claim, these losses often times encompass the need for various forensic disciplines in addition to the fire origin and cause determination.  The use of these multi-faceted disciplines enhance, enable and support the area of origin and cause determination and go a long way in preparing the case from its early stages to be successful in recovery or subrogation actions.

Having worked and coordinated many large-loss fire investigations throughout the country, ILC has become very adept at identifying the need for and retaining additional experts that have established themselves as the best in their chosen fields.  We have identified, worked with and maintain a comprehensive list of forensic engineers that can and will provide you with the same level of professional investigative services that you have come to expect from ILC.

Whether your loss requires both a professional Fire Origin and Cause Investigator from ILC and forensic engineering expertise, or you are only in need of forensic engineering expertise, let us provide you access to our extensive database of qualified, certified and competent engineers.  Even if the loss does not warrant our involvement, we stand ready to provide you with the resources to ensure that you receive the expertise that you need.

We can provide you with access to qualified engineers in the following areas:

  • Forensic Electrical Engineering
  • Forensic Mechanical Engineering
  • Forensic Metallurgical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Forensic Accounting Investigations
  • Forensic Automotive Engineering

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